Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment industry is under a major transformational phase driven by more demanding consumers and increasing competition from emerging players, technologies and products. The increasing use of Internet and mobile services has forced the industry to not only move towards digitization of services, products and distribution channels but also put them under pressure to reduce costs and come up with innovative and differentiated offerings.

This industry is uniquely characterized by the growth of immense variety of infotainment delivery channels, each having different characteristics, market requirements and customer preferences. Media giants need technological solutions to cross-leverage their assets, enable innovative business processes and enhance the transparency of revenue streams. Audiences have not only begun migrating to new media, they have brought their heightened expectations of immediacy, relevance, customization and participation back to traditional media channels.

To dominate their markets, infotainment companies of any size – from giant conglomerates, interactive media sites, cable and satellite providers to publishers and film and music studios – need to harness the information hidden in their customer and operational data.

IT Division understands these changing and specific requirements of the infotainment enterprises and has micro-verticalized the infotainment vertical, at all levels of service. We operate with the philosophy of partnering with the customer and leveraging product engineering heritage to build cutting-edge applications to meet the customer's business requirements, maximizing applications ROI.

The combination of domain expertise together with skills in innovative technologies has enabled IT Division to offer “total solutions” to the customers. We work very closely with its customers to customize applications as per their business needs. Taking their business driven approach, we develop systems that provide key advantages to the customers.

IT Division matured Quality Management System and process defined methodology with the help of our subject matter principals, certified architects, and domain centric team creates a solid foundation for delivering world class Application Development Lifecycle services and with our expertise spanning N-tire IT Infrastructure Lifecycle, we believe in partnering with our customers in their growth.